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AC Repair Services you can count on in Gilbert, Arizona

Have you been noticing your AC bill rising? It could be because of dirty coils. Moldy condenser units can drive up energy costs and make the HVAC system less efficient, leading to increased repair needs in the future! Our experienced professionals will clean out all sorts go harmful dirt from inside this complex machine so that it runs efficiently again – without any worries about increased maintenance expenses or growths causing problems down the line. We got you at Around the Clock HVAC.

Signs that your unit needs repair

  • Air Conditioning system is blowing warm air
  • AC Thermostat is not working
  • Little air blows out of the vents
  • Loud noise inside the AC unit
  • Strange odors when AC turned on
  • Not enough humidity removed by the AC
  • Problems with the AC are occurring more often

Sweltering in the heat? Your air conditioning is running low on energy and you can’t feel any relief. Don’t give up! Let our professionals inspect your system for repair or other damages so that we have an accurate estimate before getting it fixed right away.

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